Welcome to the Beef University training program created specifically for educating grocery retail and restaurant foodservice staff on beef. Get a quick overview of the content that will be covered through three distinct Beef University courses: Grades, Cuts and Preparation; Beef Nutrition; and Raising Beef

Learn more about the fundamentals of beef, including information on beef inspection and grading, as well as beef flavor, tenderness and composition. And, discover more on beef cuts and the cooking methods that enhance the beef eating experience to deliver the best results for your customers.

Learn more about how beef delivers important nutrients, such as protein, iron, zinc and B-vitamins, along with the flavor your customers love. Get an inside look into the latest nutrition information to inform strategies for marketing nutrition information at grocery retail and foodservice.

Learn how today's beef is raised in a responsible and sustainable way, including information on the beef lifecycle from farm-to-fork and the beef community's commitment to animal welfare and providing safe, wholesome and nutritious beef. Learn how you can talk about beef production with your customers.